A workshop organizer will be entitled to registration at a reduced rate for up to 4 members of your workshop.  When your Workshop is accepted you will be given a code to use to register as a Workshop Leader.  A committee selects from the applicants and the decision is final. All workshops must be relevant to KotoriCon. That means they must be related to one or more of the following areas of interest: Japanese music and culture, anime/animation, manga/comics, video games, AMVs, cosplay, art, or crafts, or our theme for this year.
KotoriCon is a family-friendly convention. All workshops must be suitable for attendees of all ages.

If you would like to request a workshop for KotoriCon, please complete the form below:

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We will not accept any 18+ Panels
18+ Programming may contain graphic or obscene material unsuitable for minors.

KotoriCon  has a strict no-bootleg policy. We don’t permit the display or use of bootlegs in panels except to educate attendees about how to identify and avoid buying bootlegs. This includes fansubs, scanlations, and emulators.

Workshops  may not promote illegal activities such as drug use, underage drinking, or the violation of international copyright law.

Slander is not permitted. You  may express their personal opinions during their panels, but workshop leaders may not attack the character of others.

  Additional Content Guidelines
Note: Content and format is subject to editing to meet KotoriCon printed materials guidelines.

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  Standard room equipment consists of: chairs, a digital projector, computer. Please note that while we will try our best to meet your needs, we may be unable to honor your request.
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Workshops are scheduled according to several criteria. We’ll do our best to avoid scheduling similar events opposite each other, but we make no promises.

Please contact anime@gccnj.edu if you have further questions.